TechRepublic: "DDoS strike on Spamhaus highlights need to close DNS open resolvers"

Takeaway: Patrick Lambert breaks down the Spamhaus DDoS attack and some of the controversies that have ensued. What isn’t up for debate — fixing the open resolver flaw on DNS servers.

Last week, news went around the world about one of the biggest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in history, launched against a site called Spamhaus, in which attackers not only went after the organization’s website itself, but also its providers and some Tier 1 Internet exchanges as well, causing potential collateral damage. Since then however, the situation has only become more complex, with rumors flying around that the attack was not as bad as reported, and hints on who might be behind it, along with what could be done to prevent future attacks.


SCMagazine: "China unhappy with new U.S. requirement that its IT gear must face review"

China unhappy with new U.S. requirement that its IT gear must face review

Calling the move “discriminatory," Chinese officials have disputed the basis of a new U.S. law that restricts IT imports for government agencies.

On Friday, Hong Lei, China's foreign ministry spokesman, told reporters in Beijing that the law “used cyber security as an excuse to take discriminatory steps against Chinese companies,” according to a China Daily report.